Mechanical Engineering

KL Mechanics’ strength in mechanics is that all product development and manufacturing functions are located under the same roof, enabling an unbroken and quick chain from design to finished and tested products that fulfil requirements. This along with over 20 years of experience have fine-tuned our expertise in realizing particularly demanding design projects. We use Solid Works and Creo software for our design work.


Device design

Our strongest expertise is in the design of production equipment, tools, assembly jigs, testers and robot grippers. Design starts with requirement specification and concept design. In product design, we also consider the product’s visible features, such as enclosures and surfaces. The project ends with finalized, comprehensive and detailed product documentation.


Design for manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) progresses flexibly in our company, as we are able to test the design's suitability with prototypes, pilot series and small series before moving the product into serial production. We perform product iteration for cost-effectiveness and can also work at the customer’s premises if necessary.




Markus Rosnell

Design Manager

+358 50 525 0176