Machining service

Modern technology in the form of multi-axle CNC machines and multi-function lathes enables high precision and short lead times.

Modern and efficient machining centers

KL Mechanics has always been highly competent in multi-axis machining, which can be used to fix demanding made-to-measure parts with a single fastening such as moulds, measuring device and tester parts, gimbals and optical modules. We also machine laser-sintered and cast aluminium blanks according to measure. Our machine base includes 5 and 4-axis machining centers, suitable for serial machining of aluminium and plastic parts and equipped with a swivelling table, and Mori Seiki centers for heavier machining, equipped with horizontal spindles, pallet changers and LANG zero-point fastenings. We manufacture single items and prototypes, as well as small and medium-sized production batches (1–500 pcs).

Multi-function lathes

Multi-function lathes are used to accurately machine traditional turning pieces and demanding pieces, and utilizing the efficiency of bar feeders along with versatile and precise milling in their serial production. Multi-function lathes are used in the manufacture of both single pieces and large series. Complex machining parts are finalized in one session, quickly and accurately. Our key machines are Mori Seiki and Tsugami lathes equipped with rotating tools and automatic bar feed.

Large items and parts

We provide precision engineering machining, and our machining center for the machining of metal plates is one of Northern Finland’s largest units. It includes a 5-axis DMG Mori DFM260/11, taken into use in April 2020, that enables the machining of surfaces up to an impressive 2,600 mm x 1,100 mm. When there are multiple axis, end and side holes can be machined with just one setting. Several 3- and 4-axis CNC machines with vertical spindles for machining smaller sheets. Typical machined pieces are mould pieces, large base plates, side plates, guides and machined-to-measure, welded steel structures.

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