Plastic parts and Injection moulds

We manufacture plastic products and quick models in a cost-effective way. Mould design, mould production and plastic parts production are all located in the same premises, which guarantees a fast project lead time from design to test pieces and finished products. Our professionals have over 20 years of experience in plastic products, which shows especially in our method and material expertise. New investments in plastic production have extended our service portfolio and volume, as we manufacture both single pieces and larger series.

3D printing

Detailed and robust 3D printouts can be used in prototypes and initial batches. In addition, 3D printouts can be used as appropriate in the production of tools and equipment, such as fixtures and grippers.

Vacuum casting

Vacuum casting is very well suited for the first prototype batches. Parts manufactured using vacuum casting are similar in appearance and characteristics to transfer moulded parts and production series. Different polyurethanes can be used in vacuum casting according to need—from soft, rubbery materials to hard, high impact and wear resistant materials.

Injection moulding

Our injection moulding equipment is suited for manufacturing both small and large pieces. We design and manufacture the aluminium and steel moulds in-house. The compressive forces of our machines are 25 t, 75 t, and 210 t. A typical production batch in injection moulding is 1,000–10,000 pieces.


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Product Manager

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