KL FineMech OY is specialized in machining, design and assembly. In addition to high precision mechanics manufacturing, we specialize in small or one-off configurations. Mechanical engineering and product design is concluded with comprehensive and efficient manufacturing processes in terms of quantity and delivery time. Due to the nature of projects KL FineMech Oy's entire service chain acquires knowledge, constantly searching for new solutions and apply them in practice. Successful project in which the whole management is a key part of the quality of the final result is obtained by combining the cost-effective design, strong machining skills and expert configuration.


  • Strong precision, technology, process, manufacturing and assembly of know-how
  • Precision Mechanics Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Strong expertise in 5-axis milling
  • Supporting R & D methods including AM, 3D-quick models, design and visualizations

Design and documentation:


KL FineMech Oy

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product manager

Jarmo Ojalehto

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